Thursday, September 15, 2011

Clarification on my story

I realised I mentioned my Dad and our conversations as he fills out forms.  They are usually amusing and seems like we are having two very distinct conversations at the same time.

The main one I use as an example is as follows.

I am often accused of never giving straight answers but sometimes its because the questions are not right themselves.

Dad: Hey when did you turn 21?
Me: You forget my birthday again?
Dad: No not your BIRTHday, when did you turn 21?
 Me:.....this year?
Dad: no, WHEN did you turn 21?
Me: Mentally?
Dad: You're mental, just give a straight answer
Me:(giving up on making sense of the question) Your face is.

They run in a couple of ways.  He asks a question I don't comprehend so I give a flippant answer. 
 Or he makes a vague statement that I take as a question and take time trying to stumble over an answer till I stop when I realise he is not even paying attention as he didn't realise I would respond to his rhetorical statement.
Or he asks something when I am not paying attention, repeats it while I still not paying attention and then gives up and asks my brother who gives a flippant answer.
Getting my family to be serious and fill out paperwork is hard. 

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